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How To Begin Editing A Wikipedia Page

GetYourWiki says that anybody can edit a Wikipedia page. You do not even need to register and create an account on Wikipedia to edit and make a Wikipedia business page. However there are some exceptions to the latter case. For protected pages, you need to submit an edit request first. An editor in charge of the protected article article will contact you and let you approve if the edit request has been approved or denied.

To begin editing an article you must first find the article that you wish to edit. Once you have found the article, find the edit tab on the page and click on it. The edit tab is usually found on the top of the page, but it can also be found at the bottom of the article page in some cases. Click on it to begin editing. For protected articles there will be a view source tab instead of an edit tab. Click on the view source tab to request an edit from the editor in charge of that article.

The Two Wikipedia Editing Formats

Once you are ready to begin editing your article of choice, you must choose between two editing formats. The two editing formats available on wikipedia are wikitext and the visual editor. Wikitext focuses primarily on the text and HTML code. If you are familiar with HTML code and have edited content online before then you can dive straight into the wikitext editing mode. In Wikitext mode you can add hyperlinks, columns, citations and special characters using HTML code. If you are not familiar with HTML code that Wikipedia uses, you can easily find the symbols for adding things such as hyperlinks, bold text, citations and more on Wikipedia. The visual editor is available only to registered users. It allows you to edit an article while seeing how it will actually be displayed. It will also display photos, tables, links and special characters that will not be visible in the wikitext mode.

Completing Your Edit

After you have selected an edit format, it is time to make your actual edit. It can be a minor edit that fixes a grammatical error or a misspelling of a name. Or it can be a major edit that changes the content of the page significantly. It is very important that if you plan on making a major edit that you have sources to cite. Otherwise, your edit may be rejected or deleted because it lacks factual sources. Once you have completed your edit and added sources if you made a major change, you must write an edit summary. This is required. The edit summary briefly summarizes what changes you have made to the article. Once you have completed your edit summary you can view your changes and then submit your changes.

A Few Tips For Editing A Wikipedia Article

When making edits keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. Remember to maintain a third person point of view, that is unbiased and that your information is based on fact. If you are adding or changing significant content in an article you must have sources and cite them. Otherwise your edits will not be accepted and deleted. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make minor edits in spelling, grammar and that have wrong dates. These edits will only make Wikipedia more accurate and reliable, no matter how trivial the edit may seem.