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Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and businessman who has impressed the world for the last few decades in helping the lives of those who have less. He is not only a entrepreneur but also is a philanthropist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier later moved to Los Angeles, California at an early age. With a love for programming, Pulier had already programmed his first computer by the fourth grade. By high school, Pulier had even started up his own database company. Eventually the genuineness of Eric Pulier is what got him into Harvard. He began studying at Harvard in 1984 where he later received his degree in English and American Literature. With his skill in writing, Pulier was even an editor for the Harvard Crimson.

With graduating magna cum laude in 1988, Pulier decided to start his pursuit for success by moving to Los Angeles. In 1991, Pulier founded People Doing Things. This was a company that Pulier started with the intention of addressing the issues of healthcare, education, as well as many other issues through the use of technology. In 1994, Pulier then founded Digital Evolution which was later merged with another company in 1998.

To top off his success, Pulier even started the social network called Starbright World. Starbright World is a private social network that is only for children who are chronically ill. On this social network, the children can chat each other, tag each other in posts, and blog about their experiences.

By 1997, Eric Pulier (Twitter) was selected to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. This exhibition would be called the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. Due to the huge success of this exhibition, Pulier was then invited to participate with Al Gore’s healthcare and technology platforms.

There are so many companies that Eric Pulier should be proud to say that he created. These companies include Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, and many others. His companies not only were started to make him a successful entrepreneur, but also were started to help others. Pulier, through his success, has donated much of his worth to non-profit organizations. He even currently sits on the innovation board which holds competitions for the purpose of trying to solve some of humanities greatest challenges. Eric Pulier is also involved with an organization called the Painted Turtle. This organization is a camp for chronically ill children. He has not only donated money to the organizations but he has also participated with the kids. Eric Pulier is an example of a man who has become successful in order to make the world a better place. For that he will also be respected and remembered.