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As a business owner I am faced with financial decisions all day every day. I am impeded with decisions concerning my insurance, my payroll and 401k plans and my taxes. I was overwhelmed with these decisions until I met Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar’s innovative methods helped me get by difficult financial decisions under control. His extensive experience improved my business operations and relieved me of the burden of making these overwhelming financial decisions all day every day.

One of my most overwhelming problems was payroll. I had trouble properly calculating the exact amount of taxes to take out for the federal and state taxes, and I was overwhelmed with the amount of taxes my business owed. On top of the confusion with taxes, I was overwhelmed with all of the other financial decisions like social security and healthcare. Plus I had to fill out annual tax forms for monitoring my payroll. Meeting the deadlines for all of these forms and still getting payroll done on time was taking up too much of my time and keeping me exhausted.

Thanks to Brian Bonar’s experience and innovative ideas, my business runs smoothly and effectively all day every day. He sat down with me and my management team to determine our financial needs and helped us create a plan to run a smoother operation.

Now instead of being overwhelmed with decisions like, business liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, health insurance, 401k plans and payroll processing, my management team and I have more time to take care of other matters, like an extra-long lunch.

Brian Bonar has the experience and innovation for all of your financial needs. Any one that owns a small or medium sized business, and wants more time to handle the other aspects of their business or just simply have some time away from their business, can benefit from the services of Brian Bonar as he builds and creates growth through the people he meets, the opportunities he makes and his innovative creativity.