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Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and businessman who has impressed the world for the last few decades in helping the lives of those who have less. He is not only a entrepreneur but also is a philanthropist who is currently based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier later moved to Los Angeles, California at an early age. With a love for programming, Pulier had already programmed his first computer by the fourth grade. By high school, Pulier had even started up his own database company. Eventually the genuineness of Eric Pulier is what got him into Harvard. He began studying at Harvard in 1984 where he later received his degree in English and American Literature. With his skill in writing, Pulier was even an editor for the Harvard Crimson.

With graduating magna cum laude in 1988, Pulier decided to start his pursuit for success by moving to Los Angeles. In 1991, Pulier founded People Doing Things. This was a company that Pulier started with the intention of addressing the issues of healthcare, education, as well as many other issues through the use of technology. In 1994, Pulier then founded Digital Evolution which was later merged with another company in 1998.

To top off his success, Pulier even started the social network called Starbright World. Starbright World is a private social network that is only for children who are chronically ill. On this social network, the children can chat each other, tag each other in posts, and blog about their experiences.

By 1997, Eric Pulier (Twitter) was selected to create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. This exhibition would be called the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. Due to the huge success of this exhibition, Pulier was then invited to participate with Al Gore’s healthcare and technology platforms.

There are so many companies that Eric Pulier should be proud to say that he created. These companies include Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, and many others. His companies not only were started to make him a successful entrepreneur, but also were started to help others. Pulier, through his success, has donated much of his worth to non-profit organizations. He even currently sits on the innovation board which holds competitions for the purpose of trying to solve some of humanities greatest challenges. Eric Pulier is also involved with an organization called the Painted Turtle. This organization is a camp for chronically ill children. He has not only donated money to the organizations but he has also participated with the kids. Eric Pulier is an example of a man who has become successful in order to make the world a better place. For that he will also be respected and remembered.

As a business owner I am faced with financial decisions all day every day. I am impeded with decisions concerning my insurance, my payroll and 401k plans and my taxes. I was overwhelmed with these decisions until I met Brian Bonar.

Brian Bonar’s innovative methods helped me get by difficult financial decisions under control. His extensive experience improved my business operations and relieved me of the burden of making these overwhelming financial decisions all day every day.

One of my most overwhelming problems was payroll. I had trouble properly calculating the exact amount of taxes to take out for the federal and state taxes, and I was overwhelmed with the amount of taxes my business owed. On top of the confusion with taxes, I was overwhelmed with all of the other financial decisions like social security and healthcare. Plus I had to fill out annual tax forms for monitoring my payroll. Meeting the deadlines for all of these forms and still getting payroll done on time was taking up too much of my time and keeping me exhausted.

Thanks to Brian Bonar’s experience and innovative ideas, my business runs smoothly and effectively all day every day. He sat down with me and my management team to determine our financial needs and helped us create a plan to run a smoother operation.

Now instead of being overwhelmed with decisions like, business liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, health insurance, 401k plans and payroll processing, my management team and I have more time to take care of other matters, like an extra-long lunch.

Brian Bonar has the experience and innovation for all of your financial needs. Any one that owns a small or medium sized business, and wants more time to handle the other aspects of their business or just simply have some time away from their business, can benefit from the services of Brian Bonar as he builds and creates growth through the people he meets, the opportunities he makes and his innovative creativity.


Bismark is a recognized leader promptly informed about his roles when dealing in business. He is not that kind of businessman that will let other people perform all the duties while watching or supervising them, but normally tackle the work himself. Bismark knows what is supposed to be done to get business up and operational. He is the director of QI Limited, a company he co-founded. We can learn quite a lot from Bismark’s way of running business.
Bismark stand by the philosophy that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary thing”. Together with other directors, they have managed to expand QI Group, a multi-level marketing company with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. The company has ventured into organic foods, which clearly defines the importance of health and welfare of people as the top priority.
As a person who embraces healthy living, Joseph Bismark is responsible for the company’s plans to venture into this field. QI Ltd acquired another company Down to Earth located in Hawaii in the year 2007 with the aim of improving the health of Hawaiians by accessing organic and wholesome food. We have seen Bismark linking his spirituality and marketing, something many people have not managed to do.
As we are aware, Bismark is not a stranger to success and he has done it over and over again. His spiritual manifest has enabled him to climb the corporate ladder swiftly to the top. With several years of experience and successful business, has managed to push the company to new heights using his profitable ideas and wisdom.
Bismark has continued to spread the message of how business is affected by spirituality through his books, speeches and social media profiles like facebook and twiter. We can understand that success is not entirely based on materials and as such people are turning towards his direction to get more positive light. It is obvious we can be successful without using other people to get higher, and the business industry will be calm and not induced by anxiety. As we apply Bismark’s tactics, we’ll be able to grow as our businesses grow.


The information on this article was found on WordPress blog Citizen Shame.

Having a successful online presence is becoming a more critical factor in business. Many people turn to reviews posted online to make decisions regarding which companies with which they will do business. Being aware of your online reputation may not be enough. Proactively managing your online reputation can mean the difference between customers coming to you or going to your competitor.

At this time, 90 percent of customers turn to online reviews for information regarding local companies. The vast majority of those customers will read up to 10 reviews during their information search. Though that may not be a revelation, the fact that 88 percent of potential customers trust online reviews as much as those they receive via word-of-mouth may be new information to you.

In order to successfully manage your online reputation, you must start by gathering information on what is being said. Identify which sites result in the most referrals to your website or business. Since these sites likely have positive information regarding your company, these should be monitored for changes that may indicate a new negative review. Notable changes include a change in the amount of referral traffic driven from the review site in question.

Though negative reviews may be unavoidable, how you deal with them is completely under your control. While the issue may not be completely correctable, they may be open to trying your service again (for a discount) and recording a follow-up review should their opinion change.

If the challenge of repairing your online reputation seems insurmountable, consider working with a professional. Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, created a company whose focus is on taking proper steps to protect your reputation as well as repairing any damage that may already be done. This includes steps to help prevent personal information from being posted online and securing social media accounts. Fisher can also provide guidance by monitoring the search results that are produced when others search for you and assisting with changing those results.

Right now in the world of cell phones, one of the biggest subjects is data. Everyone offers talk, text, and basic phone options, but when you get to data plans, they can really be expensive. A lot of cell phone companies are now offering free or large data plans to use on your phone, but when you want to use your table, laptop, or home computer, you have to have a separate home internet plan or you have to pay a large amount of money for a hot spot unit and a hot spot data plan, and again it is for a limited amount of data. This can be very expensive, plus when and if you are able to add more data, it usually runs you the cost of at least $5 per GB which you can use pretty fast. So of course, everyone is looking for that great deal of either unlimited or a significant amount of data on a hot spot type plan. Well FreedomPop is now offering that service.

FreedomPop is offering the newest thing in cell phone deals; they are on a mission to take customers away from other companies by offering free plans that include basic text, talk, and data plans and have now added another bombshell: unlimited Wi-Fi service with free sign-up hotspots for just $5. With other companies charging a large fee for internet and hot spots, internet plans, and expensive top off fees for hot spots, this is quite a deal. Statistics are showing that up to 90% of data being used is from use of Wi-Fi.

They will be offering ten million hotspots to well over 100 million people in all the large key cities.This will enable customers the use of several devices off of one hot spot and would mean they could run their home computers, laptops, tablets, Kindles, and iPods off of one hot spot using it for internet service. Right now they are offering services through an app for iPhones but as of yet, have not offered an app for a Windows app and are working to get their service to equal that of Google’s. This Wi-Fi service is brand new to FreedomPop and has just been added because they wanted to be sure that the service would work without any problems. FreedomPop is planning on adding a minimum of one million customers this year with this service. The company is planning to extend their service to Europe later this year.

FreedomPop has also announced that they will be offering services in Britain, but will be a sim-card service only. This means that you can only bring your sim card with you, not your phone from another carrier. They will be offering a basic free service that will offer three services including 200 talk minutes, texting, and MB’s of data which is what most companies in Britain are offering. This will also include free calls to 60 other countries, free calls to other customers of FreedomPop, and a set amount of data which will roll over for other months. They are getting ready to launch a new program called JetSetter which is a free data roaming program that will be available later this year. It will give customers free data (high speed) each month to use in Britian, France, and Spain and will be expanding to other countries later on.