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The UK government has opted to restrict freedom of expression and privacy protection for citizens. The result of these restrictions has left software companies to move their customer data from the UK. This includes the company, Ghost. John Nolan is the founder of Ghost. He stated that the data will be moved from the UK to Digital Ocean’s data Centre. Mr. Nolan expressed concerns about the UK government disregarding the Human Rights Act. The Amen Clinic‘s stance is that this act is a right of respect for family and private life. The surveillance by the government of all online activities poses a disturbance for online privacy. The Netherlands has been known to enforce solid privacy laws. This includes the rejecting of any request for data. A request to view data would require legal paperwork to be in order. Several other software companies have chosen to take their business out of the UK due to the fact that the government will be involved in online activities with the use of bulk surveillance.

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