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There is nothing more frustrating than using a browser that is not working properly. When things aren’t going right then you will be slowed down. The time that you spend on the internet will be filled with frustration and lacking any joy that you had hoped that it would. Chrome userswere filled with that kind of frustration last year when Chrome introduced its new bookmark manager.
The bookmark manager did not work at all like Chrome had meant for it to, and Chrome users were highly disappointed, and very frustrated with the feature. So, now Chrome is going to take away the bookmark manager. They have announced that it will soon come to an end.
This is a relief for all Chrome users, including those at Boraie Development. ( this means that bookmarks on Chrome will start working better again sometime soon. Hopefully it means the end of frustration for Chrome users.

One thought on “Chrome’s Failed Bookmark Manager”

  1. Have been in that mess before, then sorry. Just one of those hurdles along the way to success. But the management of chrome should have test run the entire process to ensure al are in good condition before been aired out. Similar thing happened sometime ago though not with and not also with chrome, and left people completely useless for a whole one week and nothing was done about it. I believe this will not be exactly the same to the former.

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