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What Apple has managed to do is become a powerful giant in the mobile device industry. This company has managed to become a powerful player in the world of entertainment. This is not a Spotify or Pandora site that focuses solely on music streaming. To the contrary, this is a company that has billions in disposable funds. This company has the ability to get the help of a wide range of artists.

Drake is already on board to be a DJ with the iTunes radio service stated Igor Cornelson. The Apple brand is already a high dollar company that has built a brand. It’s one thing to have a Spotify app. It’s another thing all together to have a company that provides both the hardware (iPhones and iPads) along with the apps (iTunes Radio). This changes everything.

People that want to really get a grip on what is happening in music streaming should not count Apple out. This is a company that has managed to become one of the most successful companies in the world. This essentially means that the company has the ability to do more with music streaming than other competitors like Tidal can do. Jay-Z has all the fanfare, but he doesn’t have the same consumer base. Spotify has things locked down right now, but this company has been having problems. Apple could become the new champion that excels among the other streaming services.

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  1. One will think it is about a law of demand and supply and I think what Apple is doing is a level way ahead o this way of thinking about their marketing. The plan is for to make this part of your work done for you then, and I believe anyone can do this. It will help to test all the possibilities and make something work out in your own way while looking for the big one.

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