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Remember Bing? You know, the search engine that is usually used to search Google or seen on all those commercials but you never really got around to using it. Well, Skout says that it turns out that Bing is doing quite well! In fact, they are doing so well that they have planned to remove all ads from their search. Yep, you read that right they are removing all ads from their entire search. Check it out here to see the full scoop. Microsoft has been doing so well with Bing they decided that ads were no longer necessary.

Instead they are farming that particular portion out to AOL and AppNexus. However, Rik van der Kooi, the Vice President of Microsoft’s ad business, says that bing is a multi-billion dollar industry that can stand alone without the help of ads. He claims the search still makes enough to sustain itself and the removal of ads will help to attract more potential searchers. Well there you have it, if searching items on the internet is a must for you but you hate all the ads it seems that Bing has come to the rescue.

They claim they will still provide a great search engine as it is a business they have been building for several years and it is a service they are good at providing, but the ads are no longer a necessity and only distract from the real progress.

Over the weekend and on Monday, fans of several popular TV shows complained under recap articles and in social posts about the quality of modern TV show promos stated Eric Pulier. Two examples are the promos for the last week’s episodes of The Last Ship and Hannibal.

What was the main complaint about these promos?Both promos showed scenes that were not in the next episode. Instead, they showed a mix of scenes from several future episodes without clarifying this fact. With The Last Ship promo, several scenes, such as Chandler talking to someone in a suit, Chandler ordering a weapon’s launch and the USS Nathan James being attacked by a submarine, were not in this past Sunday’s episode. These are scenes from several future episodes. With Hannibal, the previous promo, and several before it, have been far worse in regards to incorrect linear content. For example, each promo has shown Jack Crawford attacking Hannibal. Hannibal and Will have also been shown in scenes with facial injuries. Yet, the show has not presented any fights between these character to-date.

A lot of fans are getting extremely angry at being teased with scenes that will not be shown for weeks, if not months, from the time they see the trailers. They feel that TV networks have started to treat episodic TV trailers too much like movie teaser trailers.

The UK government has opted to restrict freedom of expression and privacy protection for citizens. The result of these restrictions has left software companies to move their customer data from the UK. This includes the company, Ghost. John Nolan is the founder of Ghost. He stated that the data will be moved from the UK to Digital Ocean’s data Centre. Mr. Nolan expressed concerns about the UK government disregarding the Human Rights Act. The Amen Clinic‘s stance is that this act is a right of respect for family and private life. The surveillance by the government of all online activities poses a disturbance for online privacy. The Netherlands has been known to enforce solid privacy laws. This includes the rejecting of any request for data. A request to view data would require legal paperwork to be in order. Several other software companies have chosen to take their business out of the UK due to the fact that the government will be involved in online activities with the use of bulk surveillance.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has always been cutting edge when it comes to advancements in sports compared to the other professional athletic leagues whether it be advancing player contractual agreements in the early days of baseball or the pioneering use of statistical analysis to evaluate players. Even the steroid issue and the use of performance enhancing drugs only became a hot topic after baseball initiated their first steroid policy in 2003.

Now, Alexei Beltyukov suggests that baseball leads the forefront again among the major sports ever since the news broke on June 16, 2015 that the St. Louis Cardinals were being investigated by the FBI for allegedly hacking into the Houston Astros’ internal database. It’s believed that the Astros’ trades, stats, and scouting reports were part of the compromised date in the internal database. An action that makes Spygate and Deflategate look like child’s play to the alleged actions of the Cardinals.

The intriguing aspect of the corporate espionage alleged is the connections between the two major league franchises. The Astros current General Manager is Jeff Luhnow, a former Cardinals executive official. It’s unclear as of now if those connections played a part in hack, but law enforcement officials believe the actions taken may have been those of some bitter front-office employees looking to destroy any success that Lunhow could potentially have in the front as the lead man for the Astros’ front office. The real question now is who exactly is the hack linked to and how far up the chain of command does it go.

Earlier this year, Google announced it would do a better job of warning users against dangerous websites in Chrome. Other browser companies soon agreed to do the same. Today, June 18, some Reddit users discovered that Reddit is now considered a dangerous site through Firefox, which uses Google algorithms to check URLs.

A bright red screen appears instead of the Reddit home page and proclaims that “The site ahead contains harmful programs.” It also explains that attackers on “” might attempt to trick a user into downloading malicious programs.

Although many people consider a warning a good idea for users who can’t good sites from bad ones, some critics at the tech company Cláudio Loureiro Heads fear these warnings could give the companies behind certain sites bad names and even cause the sites to shut down when it is usually a few “bad apples” — users on the sites who mean to cause harm — who are actually dangerous.

Many sites offer platforms for discussion and sharing, including Twitter and Facebook. Critics argue that it is up to users to be more responsible on these sites when clicking links and that Google, Firefox or any other company that provides browser services should not be blaming the site owners who provide the platforms for the actions of the users on those platforms. Instead of throwing up a huge warning immediately, they argue that a small pop-up is enough to warn naive users.

There is nothing more frustrating than using a browser that is not working properly. When things aren’t going right then you will be slowed down. The time that you spend on the internet will be filled with frustration and lacking any joy that you had hoped that it would. Chrome userswere filled with that kind of frustration last year when Chrome introduced its new bookmark manager.
The bookmark manager did not work at all like Chrome had meant for it to, and Chrome users were highly disappointed, and very frustrated with the feature. So, now Chrome is going to take away the bookmark manager. They have announced that it will soon come to an end.
This is a relief for all Chrome users, including those at Boraie Development. ( this means that bookmarks on Chrome will start working better again sometime soon. Hopefully it means the end of frustration for Chrome users.

In an age where business trends and ideas change as fast as the coming seasons, Marc Sparks, an American businessman and venture capitalist, provides a constant stream of advice for the burgeoning entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur himself, Sparks manages Timer Creek Capital, a private equity firm that helps burgeoning companies become successful, established businesses.

As President of Timer Creek Capital, Marc Sparks has used his business acumen as well as insight to help dozens of entrepreneurs and companies realize success in the marketplace. He is heavily involved in the telecommunication sector and has worked with companies, such as Blue Jay Wireless and Cardinal Telecom. From providing customer service expertise to graphic arts and web development Bloomberg states that Sparks ensures passionate entrepreneurs receive the necessary support to thrive and grow into a successful business. His attention to detail and over 30 years of experience promises a professional and effective service.

A multidimensional businessman, Mark Sparks has not solely focused on entrepreneur support. He has worked in an array of fields, such as real estate, venture investing and business solutions. These multifaceted experiences provide Mark Sparks with a diverse, dynamic business acumen.

Residing in Dallas, Sparks is very involved with multiple philanthropic efforts in the area. He volunteers his time with projects, such building houses for Habitat for Humanity and lends support to his community by supporting local homeless shelters and magnate high schools. Volunteering since the late eighties, Sparks finds helping humanitarian causes extremely rewarding and enjoys giving back to his community.

Along with his business and philanthropic pursuits, Sparks is currently writing a book entitled, They Can’t Eat You which is purchasable on Amazon. Focusing on his own personal success story, Sparks charts his journey from a mediocre student to a prosperous businessman. He hopes that the work will inspire people to enter into business and realize that attaining success is not impossible.

Marc Sparks represents not only a passionate businessman, but also a passionate citizen, who actively works to aid emerging businesses and entrepreneurs and help the disadvantaged individuals residing in his community.

Interested in contacting Marc Sparks? Try these social media links below.

What Apple has managed to do is become a powerful giant in the mobile device industry. This company has managed to become a powerful player in the world of entertainment. This is not a Spotify or Pandora site that focuses solely on music streaming. To the contrary, this is a company that has billions in disposable funds. This company has the ability to get the help of a wide range of artists.

Drake is already on board to be a DJ with the iTunes radio service stated Igor Cornelson. The Apple brand is already a high dollar company that has built a brand. It’s one thing to have a Spotify app. It’s another thing all together to have a company that provides both the hardware (iPhones and iPads) along with the apps (iTunes Radio). This changes everything.

People that want to really get a grip on what is happening in music streaming should not count Apple out. This is a company that has managed to become one of the most successful companies in the world. This essentially means that the company has the ability to do more with music streaming than other competitors like Tidal can do. Jay-Z has all the fanfare, but he doesn’t have the same consumer base. Spotify has things locked down right now, but this company has been having problems. Apple could become the new champion that excels among the other streaming services.

Those who like to date, they’ll have a certain preference, whether it’s a man or a woman who is looking to date others. There are some men that prefer to date women from other countries while other men perform to date women closer to home. Those who are on the dating scene, they may prefer to look for women who are overseas. Women from places such as Asia, the Ukraine, and Russia, these women have been known to be authentic, beautiful, and some are known to be very loyal. Men have a certain opinion when it comes to women from overseas, and Anastasia Date has capitalized on this.

Anastasia Date is a website that allows men from the United States to communicate and hook up with women from overseas. Dates may end up turning into a marriage, but it all starts with joining the website. The website allows users to be connected with women from different countries, and it’s up to the man how far he’d like the relationship to go. Men tend to sign up for Anastasia Date as a spectator, and they may send text messages, do video chat, or choose other ways to communicate with a woman. Once an account is established, then one can start to find a person on the website.

Anastasia date has been around for years, and the website is known as one of the best dating websites for those who are looking for love internationally. Although many websites today allow users to find love in other countries, Anastasia Date is specifically made for those who want love overseas. Many choose to find love in different countries because they want something new and exciting. There are many different women on the website just waiting for a man to contact them. Anastasia Date has thousands of women at any given time, who are looking for a man in the United States.

Don’t confuse anastasia Date with a bride for hire or a rental bride because this is not that type of website. Anastasia date is a genuine website that allows men to meet women who they want to date, but they are overseas. If dating ends up leading to marriage, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Many have praised Anastasia date for helping them to meet the woman of their dreams. Anastasia Date has also been noted as the 29th best dating website on the Internet. Those who are interested in international dating should join Anastasia Date today.

The level of materials science is so important to the degree of advancement of a given age of humanity that we frequently split these ages up using the materials common to the time. The Bronze Age and the Iron Age are just a couple examples. The 20th century might be referred to as the steel age by future historians. We appear to be entering a “super materials” age now.

Humanity has smart devices and ever more sophisticated machines, but the materials used in a society are what make all the rest of this possible. Alexei Beltyukov says we simply could not make smartphones if our materials science was still stuck at only being able to mold iron. Wonder materials that are capable of withstanding great temperatures and pressures are going to be gradually finding their way out of labs and into industry and society through the rest of this decade and the next.

It is 100 times stronger than steel by weight, which is an incredible leap forward.  Those of us who are alive over the next 20 or so years will see changes and advancements greater than those in any previous period of human history, and all of this will be made possible by the materials we are able to fashion things out of.