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California’s drought has been causing serious consequences to the state. The residents there have been under severe water restrictions for a very long time now. The state has been in a financial crisis for just as long. Though the sunny place to live is usually known for its beautiful beaches and fresh salty air, it is becoming more like a desert each day that passes. To ease the drought and bring relief to the people living there, a desalination plant is being built, and it will hopefully be completed by this fall. The ocean water is filled with salt which has to be removed before it can be used for drinking or household use. BibleMoneyMatters even reports that only 50 million gallons will be produced by the plant. This hardly puts a dent in the water needed, but it is a start. It takes an enormous amount of power to run the plant, making it harsh on the environment. It is not cost effective to run the plant. This high power use will lead to a sharp increase in the cost the Californian resident pay for the water they receive.

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