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These days, if there’s a need for transportation, Uber will find a way to exploit the service.

Uber has launched an air and maritime service in China and France.

UberChopper offers a helicopter shuttle service in Shanghai, which will cost about $ 484 and includes transport in a Mercedes-Benz from or to the heliport.

UberChopper in Shanghai is only a beta service right now, designed to introduce the services, and measure interest in air services. Adam Sender thinks it has room to grow for sure.

In March, the company also launched a water taxi service in south Hangzhou.

Uber is still considered a newcomer to the Chinese market and there is stiff competition from local companies.

Many of the largest taxi companies in China are owned by local government entities.

Uber has also launched a helicopter taxi shuttle service to transport clients from the airport to the Cannes Film Festival.

Each May, the Cannes international film festival typically pulls in a crowd of 200,000. The closest airport is in Nice, about an hour away, but Uber can shuttle clients via helicopter to Cannes in 7 minutes, at a cost of $180.

Of course, service can be ordered on the Uber app.

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