Michelle MacLaren Leaves Wonder Woman’s Director’s Chair

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The recent departure of Michelle MacLaren from the Wonder Woman film is a major shock. MacLaren was being promoted as a high profile director who was going to make the film into something very special. Originally, the plan was to craft a trilogy of films that spanned three very different generations in American history. Apparently, MacLaren, Warner Bros, and D.C. Comics were not seeing eye to eye. MacLaren has quit over “creative differences”.

Does this mean the original script and concept for the Wonder Woman movie is being scrapped? Will a new director simply take over the project MacLaren started? At this point, there does not seem to be a definitive answer to those questions. Filming for Wonder Woman starts in the fall and that doesn’t give a new crew a lot of time. Granted, there are reportedly several Wonder Woman screenplays floating around in the Warner Bros. offices. Switching to a new script wouldn’t be so tough since nothing new needs to be written. Kevin Seawright feels like it could get done.

That is not to say Warner/D.C. Comics won’t request a new one be written. We’ll see what happens in that regard.

Speculating over what the creative differences are might not be fair to all parties involved. Likely, the executives wanted to avoid getting “too serious” with a superhero film and MacLaren might have wanted to craft something more melodramatic than what “the suits” were comfortable with.

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