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How to be annoying? The engineer who created the Annoying Machine knew exactly how. The product of his imagination is a box with only one switch. You turn it on and it starts giving out a very annoying buzzing sound. The switch has an ‘off’ option. The thing is that a short while after you press it, it switches itself back on and goes on like that forever (or until it runs out of batteries or is smashed).

Boraie Development says that before you grab the hammer to make the Annoying Machine switch off, you have to know that the integrated accelerator resets after throwing the box up in the air. Hopefully, the solution works. Otherwise you have the option to disassemble the bottom of the box and disconnect it.

The Annoying Machine has not been banned, quite the contrary, it is progressing, as the engineer who created it plans to release an aluminum variant that is more resistant to hammer hits and kicking.

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