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Image recognition technology uses algorithms (a set of rules used to perform a task in a set number of steps) in order to recognize an image. Because computers understand numbers, not physical pictures, they are presented images as mathematical and numerical data. By recognizing patterns in this data, a computer is then able to recognize an image.

With their app, users can use the camera on their phone to look at an image like a shirt and then find similiar products online for purchase. As such it is a competitor to Amazon Flow, a similar app which allows users to get information about products seen at a store they might want to purchase on Amazon. The advantage that Slyce has over the Amazon app is that images are recognized whether the product is inside or outside of its package. The Amazon app only recognizes products in packages. This flexibility relates to Slyce’s ultimate goal: for its app to be used anywere a user wants to look at a product and find similar items for purchase.

Mobile image recognition technology is also used by companies like Autonomy, a British company bought by HP, leading to the creation of Aurasma. Aurasma is an augmented reality platform which allows users to create their own images. Users first log into the Aurasma Studio and then create a trigger image. After getting this image, they can then add an overlay. An overlay is an image or images added on top of the original trigger image, which is more dynamic. The overlay images can be obtained from the users’ computer or tablet or from an existing set of images. After this is retrieved then users can publish their content so that others can view it. Many media and entertainment companies use this technology including GQ, Universal Studio Music, Dreamworks and BBC Worldwide. Other companies and organizations like UK football team Tottenham Hotspur and Mercedes Benz, use this technology as well.

Productify from Swedish company OculusAI, is another mobile app for consumers. A user takes a picture of a product with their cell phone. They are then shown images of related items for purchase. Like the previous apps, this helps users comparison shop. According to CEO and cofounder of OculusAI, Siamak Ayani, rather than using terms, users increasingly are searching using images. This reality helps companies like Oculus capitalize on changing consumer habits.

Image recognition technology has other applications outside of sales and entertainment. One perhaps obvious use is in the security industry. Using facial recognition or fingerprint recognition allows companies to ensure that the right people have access to their facilities and information.

Robots can be used to recognize items in their environment as algorithms become more advanced. This will make robots more interactive and perhaps even able to interact regularly with humans one day.


Image Recognition Startup Slyce Raises $10.75M To Be The Amazon Flow For Everyone Else

The recent departure of Michelle MacLaren from the Wonder Woman film is a major shock. MacLaren was being promoted as a high profile director who was going to make the film into something very special. Originally, the plan was to craft a trilogy of films that spanned three very different generations in American history. Apparently, MacLaren, Warner Bros, and D.C. Comics were not seeing eye to eye. MacLaren has quit over “creative differences”.

Does this mean the original script and concept for the Wonder Woman movie is being scrapped? Will a new director simply take over the project MacLaren started? At this point, there does not seem to be a definitive answer to those questions. Filming for Wonder Woman starts in the fall and that doesn’t give a new crew a lot of time. Granted, there are reportedly several Wonder Woman screenplays floating around in the Warner Bros. offices. Switching to a new script wouldn’t be so tough since nothing new needs to be written. Kevin Seawright feels like it could get done.

That is not to say Warner/D.C. Comics won’t request a new one be written. We’ll see what happens in that regard.

Speculating over what the creative differences are might not be fair to all parties involved. Likely, the executives wanted to avoid getting “too serious” with a superhero film and MacLaren might have wanted to craft something more melodramatic than what “the suits” were comfortable with.

One thing is certain. The weather always changes. That fact should be added to the death and taxes list. Climate scientists have been trying to figure out how the weather changes for decades, and they always seem to credit vacillating ocean temperatures for changing weather patterns. Most of us don’t think about the temperature of the ocean when we are freezing in nine feet of snow or don’t have enough water to keep our lawns green.

 Those two theories might satisfy a few people, but when scientists take a closer look at the nature of water currents and the temperature in those currents, they begin to formulate theories on how ocean temperatures and wave patterns impact the weather. Ricardo Tosto isn’t so sure what to believe at this point.

Just a few degree change in water temperature in specific areas of the ocean can have an impact on the weather according to climate scientists. One patch of warm water in the Pacific that stretches from Mexico to Alaska is the latest ocean anomaly responsible for the drought in California and the unending snowfall in Boston. The Scientists also say the high-pressure ridge over the Pacific means calmer seas.

Next time you need to upgrade your Sprint phone, you can have a company representative come to your home instead of making the trip out to the mall to get a new device. The company launched a new “Direct 2 You” program Monday that sends a company rep to your house where he or she can set up the new device of your choosing for you at your kitchen table.

The reason behind the program in simple: Sprint thinks that customers are a little hesitant to order phones online because they’re afraid of setting up the hardware on their own once it arrives. Folks at Anastasia Date have found that, through the Direct 2 You program, the company hopes to quell that issues, making it so you can order the phone you want on the web, but still get the same experience you might expect if you’d come into the store to make the purchase instead.

Sending a rep to your door obviously take a bit more effort than having that same rep assist you at the store. That said, Sprint is currently in the number four spot when it comes to carriers in the US.

How to be annoying? The engineer who created the Annoying Machine knew exactly how. The product of his imagination is a box with only one switch. You turn it on and it starts giving out a very annoying buzzing sound. The switch has an ‘off’ option. The thing is that a short while after you press it, it switches itself back on and goes on like that forever (or until it runs out of batteries or is smashed).

Boraie Development says that before you grab the hammer to make the Annoying Machine switch off, you have to know that the integrated accelerator resets after throwing the box up in the air. Hopefully, the solution works. Otherwise you have the option to disassemble the bottom of the box and disconnect it.

The Annoying Machine has not been banned, quite the contrary, it is progressing, as the engineer who created it plans to release an aluminum variant that is more resistant to hammer hits and kicking.