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More Than Meets the Eye
Bruce Levenson is an amazing individual and has much more to offer than actually meets the eye. He has many incredible talents and also has exceptional good sense that comes across in the business world. Mr. Levenson is a great American businessman. He is a NBA team owner. He is also known as a giving philanthropist . He is most definitely an individual that is more than meets the eye. He does have an impressive background.

A Businessman
Mr. Levenson did co-found United Communications Group. He did this along with Ed Peskowitz. This occurred in 1977. This began in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company began right in Levenson’s apartment. The duo published a newsletter that focused on the developments in the oil industry. Bruce has been conducting ethical business for quite some time. He offers much to the business world.

A Philanthropist
It is a fact that Bruce Levenson has done more than his fair share in the area of philanthropy. A sample of the organizations that Mr. Levenson has been a part of include:
*Community Foundation of Washington, DC
*The Hoop Foundation
*I Have a Dream Foundation
*U.S. Holocaust Museum
*Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership
Bruce Levenson has given so much of himself to the community and society in general. This is an individual who must have a strong belief in making this world a better place for everyone. Bruce Levenson is active with his wife, Karen, in many activities. This couple strives to inform students how to run nonprofit organizations. They also encourage and motivate others to be a part of philanthropic activities.

The Atlanta Hawks and Bruce Levenson
Bruce Levenson and Ed Peskowitz are the majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team.


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  1. These businessmen are only part of the group of other businessmen that collectively own the Atlanta Hawks. This includes Phillips Arena in Atlanta Georgia. That is really a nice thing to do and to buy dissertations which is accurately what most people do know about it.

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