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QNET Ltd. is a prominent direct selling company that is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company is part of the QI Group, which is a global conglomerate that is made up of a number of consumer and retail merchandise businesses. QNET is the QI Group’s primary subsidiary. Businessman Vijay Eswaran established Qnet back in 1998. QNET was previously known by the names “QI Limited,” “GoldQuest” and “QuestNet.” Eswaran currently works as the QI Group’s Executive Chairman.” The Malaysian native also writes books (2005’s “In the Sphere of Silence,” 2008’s “In the Thinking Zone” and 2010’s 18 Stepping Stones) and regularly donates to various philanthropic causes.

Founder Eswaran has a big role in the selling of QNET’s many products. Not only is Eswaran the company’s founder, but he’s also heavily involved in the sales and referrals processes. He encourages the company’s spokespeople to succeed by giving them motivational speeches.

The Asian company, while headquartered in Asia, aims to leave a global impression on the world. They have customers in more than 160 nations all around the earth. The company employs a vast system of international distributors to market and promote their lifestyle products. QNET specializes in leisure, nutrition, personal care, home care, wellness and telecommunications products. They sell a diverse assortment of products. Their customers frequently purchase weight control, fashion, luxury, weight control and energy products from them.

QNET utilizes multi-level marketing techniques, which they even have an Android app for. They generally rely on independent spokespeople to suggest their products to potential consumers. The company typically doesn’t handle product suggestions on their own. Their spokespeople usually earn pay that directly corresponds to the sales they win from their recommendations to others. QNET has a strong Asian presence.

The company has a solid social media presence. They have official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. These pages work to keep customers and consumers updated on the company’s latest news and future plans. If QNET has recently released new jewelry, for example, the company might tweet about it on Twitter. QNET uses its Instagram page to regularly post photographs of their new products. Jewelry items frequently appear on the QNET Instagram page. Nutrition and wellness products are also common sights on QNET’s social networking sites.

The goal at QNET is to operate under two distinct philosophies. These philosophies are “InService” (which concentrates on serving other people first) and “RYTHM” (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.”

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  1. They have locations in Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates. They even have franchise firms in Turkey and India. Thanks to thesis help these deeds has been accomplished as it should a long time ago.

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