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There are many reasons why to save money through wireless subscriptions and free hotspots while traveling. Many of these internet charges are extremely high over a period of time. Although it can be more convenient to use internet services at a particular hotel, free internet hotspots may be the way to go. Today there are a variety of service types and options that can be used. Some of these services do not require special equipment or knowledge. Slow Ventures even came up with a list of these easy to use services.

Free Hotspots

Today there are many free hotspots that can be found in cities around the world. Utilizing these free hotspots may be the way to save money when you’re out of town. Some of the best hotspots that can be used are located in cafés and restaurants. More fast food chains are integrating free Wi-Fi services to their customers today. This means that you can enjoy a couple coffees or beverages while you surf the internet more freely.

Wireless Subscriptions

There are many other hotspots that can be found in major cities and some small towns. Many of these hotspots are located in downtown areas and shopping malls. However, you may want to invest in a wireless subscription that allows you to use smart phone hotspots.