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In 2015 Mr. Louis Chenevert joined Goldman Sachs as its Exclusive Adviser in the Merchant Banking Division. His responsibilities were to study the aerospace and industrial sector for business opportunities, as well as to serve as advisor in other industries. Louis Chenevert is a born Canadian businessman and entrepreneur who graduated from the Universite de Montreal, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commericales with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Visit United Technologies website for more info.

Mr. Chenevert has had an impressive managerial career which began in 1993 with his work at United Technologies (“UTC”) Pratt and Whitney Canadian division. In 1999 Louis was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer for Pratt and Whitney until the beginning of 2006. Louis Chenevert shortly became the Chief Executive Office of UTC Corporation in 2008, then he became its Chairman in 2010. He served as the UTC CEO for over six years. In each of his positions at UTC, Chenevert has increased the company’s revenues exponentially.


Chenevert is most notably known to keep UTC on the industry map in Canada as the most innovative company in aerospace and building, a company that takes care of its workers, and is environmentally friendly. The UTC Corporation is known around the world as the owner of Pratt & Whitney jet engines, Otis elevators, and the manufacturers of the great Black Hawk military helicopters. Known as a ‘think tank’ leader, Louis Chenevert has brought United Technologies into a greater variation of businesses with a mix of returns and revenues for its top-quality products.

Louis Chenevert enjoys his entrepreneurial endeavors and the accolades he has received from the Quebec Quality Movement, the Nouveaux Performant, the National Building Museum, Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine. He was inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Not only is he a leader in the corporate world, but he has held many community organizational roles for the Canadian Business Council, the Smilow Cancer Hospital, and the U.S./India CEO Forum and Business Roundtable. Read more about Louis at crunchbase.com.

Freedom Checks have become the most recent talked-about investment method that the energy sector companies are banking on. They are payments that are made by Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) to their investor through a new tax structure that ensures MLPs make no or less tax payments, thus, passing 90% of their total income to their investors.

Benefits of Freedom Checks

First introduced as MLPs, the idea was invented in 1981 in which companies in the energy sector were not expected to pay any tax. This enabled them to pay more money to the investors who gained up to 4% or even 10% of their investment. The checks have enabled Matt Badiali, the founder, to make enormous earnings as well as his followers. He once sold his gold mining stocks at a rate of $.06 and later sold them at a rate of $2.64 which made him make up to 4,400% profit.

Companies that issue Freedom Checks

Currently, about 568 companies issue Freedom Checks which are in quarterly or monthly payments. The checks are more of stock dividends although they represent the “return of capital” instead of income. Since they are from the green energy sector, they are tax-free. If an investor wants to sell his/her checks, the only financial component that would be taxed is the capital gain rate which is usually lower than the rate of income tax.

The champion behind the investment plan

Freedom checks were introduced by Matt Badiali who is not only a financial expert but also a renowned geologist. He graduated from the University of Penn State with a bachelor’s degree in Geological and Earth Sciences. He also went for a master’s program at Florida Atlantic University to study Earth Sciences. In 2005, he also got his Ph.D. certificate from the Carolina University.

Matt Badiali recently released a video where he discussed about the Checks. He noted in the video that the new investment idea came about after he realized that even the common man has the interest to achieve independence and financial sustainability. Furthermore, he realized that the energy sector has a lot of investment opportunities that people could easily utilize. For sure these Checks have already proven to be worthwhile to some investors.

Robert Ivy works at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as the executive vice president and the Chief Executive Officer. He is also a member of the American Institute of Architects a certification he earned in March 1976. He is also. Recently, Robert Ivy was recognized for his exceptional services delivered to the American public by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). The institute honored him with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. In fact, he is the first architect to receive the Polk Award. The purpose of the honor is to appreciate Mississippi-connected artists and art leaders. Most importantly, it is awarded to those who spend their lifetime creating, performing and coming up with extraordinary artwork. Artists like Walter Anderson, author Eudora Welty, and actor Morgan Freeman have received the award in the past.

During the event, MIAL President Nancy LaForge recognized Robert Ivy’s efforts in bringing architectural services closer to the people of Mississippi. She acknowledged that Ivy is gifted in many ways as a writer and contributor in the field of architecture globally. With these immense contributions and deep-rooted experience in this field, he deserved to one of the Noel Polk Award winners according to Nancy. At Architectural record, he worked as the Chief Editor in 1996. He was later appointed by McGraw-Hill Media to direct editing operations. In 1981 to 1996, he worked as the principal at Dean/Dale.

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The President of the American Institute of Architects, Carl Elefante, FAIA, was proud of Ivy’s honor and recognition and his new ambassador position. He added that the award was the best thing that happened to a person from Mississippi. According to him, people who have achieved a lot in their profession should be rewarded accordingly. Carl passed his congratulatory message to Robert Ivy on behalf of his fellow AIA members.

In 2011, Robert Ivy joined AIA and became CEO. Since then, the institute has grown all over the world. The organization has managed to rally a lot of members behind it under his leadership. Over the last one hundred and sixty years, the organization has never had a lot of members as it currently has.

Search more about Robert Ivy: https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia 

Nihi Sumba is a luxury resort located on the Indonesian island of Sumba. It is on the west coast and 33 miles from the Tambolaka Airport. This resort started out as a beach hostel that was built by two surfers from New Jersey as it is said to have the best waves in the world. Fashion mogul and entrepreneur Chris Burch bought this beach hostel from them in 2012 along with his business partner, hotelier James McBride. After shutting it down for three years during which time they spent $30 million completely remodeling it was reopened as a five-star beach resort in 2015.

Chris Burch has three personal residences which are in Miami, the Hamptons, and at Nihi Sumba. When he is at this resort he stays at his villa which is called Raja Mendaka, in all it has 27 private villas each with its own pool. Two of the private villas are two stories tall and a bamboo bridge connects them together on their second floors. Each villa is designed in the traditional Sumbanese way and features antiques, Ikat prints, and locally sourced wood throughout.

Chris Burch’s hotel has supported the people on this island in a number of ways. His resort has become the biggest jobs creator on this island, for instance. They also give a portion of the profits that are generated to local nonprofit calls the Sumba Foundation which builds projects that support the Sumbanese community.

The rates for each villa are located on the Nihi Sumba website. they are based on double occupancy and include local excursions, wi-fi, meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and several of the sea activities they offer, source (Nihi.com). The prices range from $795 a night for the Wave Front One Bedroom Villa to $12,375 a night which is for Chris Burch’s private home that includes five villas and while staying guests can engage in paddle boarding, horseback riding, yoga, surfing, fishing, a spa safari, and more.

Chris Burch says that the two main reasons he bought the Nihi Sumba was first for his kids and second in order to support the people on Sumba. He and his kids fell in love with the island when they first visited it and he has called it easily one of the most beautiful places on Earth. He says it provides a great palette which enabled him and James McBride to do things, like a spa under a waterfall, to do things that have never been done before, click https://chronicleweek.com/2018/06/worlds-best-surf-chris-burchs-nihi-sumba-resort/.

The interest of Jed McCaleb has always been technology. Since he is a professional programmer, he started eDonkey which is a vast network for sharing files. Why did he create eDonkey? As a successful programmer with the right knowledge, he wanted to ensure things are done with efficiency making life easy for all his customers. The good thing with Jed McCaleb is his experience in the world of finance. His company, Stellar has tried to bring economic opportunities close to everyone. It is backed by another organization called Stellar.org that combines digital objectives in finance and technology. Other entrepreneurs can try to comprehend this and follow what McCaleb has done.

Since Jed McCaleb is a technology expert, he got interested with Bitcoin. It is the main idea that led to the start of Stellar. Jed McCaleb saw an excellent opportunity to make use of Bitcoin in connecting different institutions. He wanted to use it as a tool for sharing. There is the possibility of providing people with bank access and being able to save money if the functionality of Bitcoin is harnessed. Bitcoin could also be helpful to people who frequently receive or send money. It can now be done without having to incur high charges. Stellar is a company that works to do away with institutions such as banking that impose high charges to customers. Some businesses today are using Stellar in finance.

Jed McCaleb, the creator of Stellar, is an entrepreneur who works hard always to be productive. He works with teams so that he can balance between developing technology and business management. He runs his company through the use of focus and reactive methods. When Jed McCaleb is focusing, he can build, and he concentrates on all company details. During his reaction, he is doing things like answering questions, emails and targeting other things that are essential in his entrepreneurial life. He is always efficient when following these two tactics of running his business.

Jed McCaleb has achieved such success in business because he has a proper understanding of the many benefits associated with the advancement of technology. He has a passion for artificial intelligence, and he is sure that blockchain technology comes with many opportunities.

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PSI Pay is a contactless payment provider based in the United Kingdom. They are helping to provide a secure way to pay for products and services without cash. Since 2007,PSI Pay has provided this service to businesses locally and internationally. The company is regulated through the British government’s “Financial Conduct Authority”.

This allows it to provide electronic money and prepaid accounts worldwide. Customers in 170 nations will have access to PSI Pay services.

The contactless service provider, PSI Pay, offers its customers the opportunity to pay with credit, debit or smartcards. These transactions are secured by NFC (Near Field Communication) or RFID Technology. The company has also taken steps to deter fraud. They have a zero liability policy for card holders if unauthorized use occurs. There is also a limit on how many transactions can take place within a certain amount of time and distance. In some areas money spending limits have been put in place for more protection against unauthorized use.

In 2009 PSI Pay became a Principle member of Mastercard, this has allowed the company to offer Pay Pass Programs. The programs include virtual cards, debit and prepaid cards. These services are available for organizations and individuals worldwide.

In a combined effort with Kerv Wearables, PSI Pay helped release a first of it’s kind contactless payment ring. Due to PSI Pay’s Mastercard license customers will be able to use their new contactless payment rings in various locations around the world. Customers can also deposit money into their contactless payment accounts through debit or credit cards, bank transfers or Paypal. This can be done manually or by an auto top-up service.

PSI Pay offers customers worldwide the opportunity to pay for products and services without carrying or using cash. Using credit, debit, smartcards or the contactless payment ring customers can pay for what they need to securely.

Jed is the Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer of stellar. This is a company that is exploring the opportunities that are in the cryptocurrency industry. It has not been easy for him setting up this company due to the challenging nature of the industry. The industry has been alive for one decade and just like any other industry it has gone through challenges before it stabilizes. However, even though it is a young industry, Jed McCaleb is one of the people who has managed to do so much with the company. He has worked with some blockchain companies as well as working on various personal projects. Currently, he is using Stellar to develop a cross-border payment system.

From experience he has from other companies he has worked for, McCaleb is optimistic that this time, he will make it. He sees that in the next few years, there shall be great progress towards the accomplishment of this goal. In the next ten years, he is talking about the existence of a hybrid payment system that will incorporate every aspect of the financial sector including blockchain technology.

Jed McCaleb had his first project based on blockchain technology in 2011 when he created Mt. Gox, a platform for bitcoin exchange. This platform did very well although he later sold it. Since then, he has done other projects as well as working for other companies. Now, he is ready to drive the industry through his own company. He is banking on the growth of blockchain technology to create a cross-border system that will lead to the acceptability of digital currencies as a normal currency just as dollars or euros.

Jed McCaleb says that the project that Stellar is working on will change the blockchain industry for the better. People who have never used these digital currencies will be comfortable using them since they will just be like any other currency. On top, Jed McCaleb says that the payment system that Stellar together with IBM is working on will change the financial industry greatly. Fiat money will also be transacted based on blockchain technology bringing transparency in the global financial system.

Read more about Jed’s prediction: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/03/21/an-early-bitcoin-pioneer-predicts-how-the-blockchain-will-change-banking.html

NGP VAN is a provider of software expressly used by progressive and Democratic candidates during their runs for office. Many high profile politicians have used their software to manage their political campaigns such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders who have all run for President of the United States. Their software is also used by candidates running at the state and local level.

This organization was founded in 1997. They offer a comprehensive suite of software programs to manage every aspect of running a political campaign. This includes fundraising, field organizing, compliance, social media, and new media software packages. In addition to politicians, hundreds of labor unions in the United States have used software provided by NGP VAN as well.

NGP VAN is based in Washington D.C. They have supported a number of progressive causes. One example of this is their hosting a “Day Without Woman” event which was a celebration of female employees at their organization and others. Pretty much every industry struggles with diversity and the one that NGP VAN is in is no different. The goal was to acknowledge the vital role and huge value that woman bring to the workforce. Beyond “Day Without Woman” NGP VAN has also been hard at work promoting values of equality in their workplace.

NGP VAN is a data analytics firm. People from both sides of the aisle are increasingly turning to data analytics in order to get a better understanding of the people who voted for them. This helps them to create smarter and more engaging political campaigns. The software that NGP VAN provides can help campaign personnel better see what their voters look like, what their values are, and what types of reforms they would like to see those in government engage in.

Another recent focus of the team at NGP VAN is on the important role that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) voters have. They are seeking to make their software more inclusive and more LGBTQ friendly. One example of this is using non-binary gender pronouns in the contact records of voters. This helps volunteers, donors, and supporters address these voters in the most accurate manner.

Some people became lawyers because it is a great professional with appealing benefits. As for Bruno Fagali, practicing law is a passion. Considering how much dedication Bruno Fagali  has given to work, it seems more of a calling than just working to earn a living. Bruno has numerous years of experience in administrative and other disciplines of law. His career started in 2006 and Bruno has been changing the face of law since then.


As Bruno Fagali worked for firms, his goal was to have his practice. Finally, Bruno managed to achieve his dream. The long career journey began with pursuing a law degree at Pontifical Catholic University in Sao Paolo. Bruno went ahead and earned a Masters degree. He is glad for the academic foundation he got because it has been a significant pillar in his achievements.

Alleviating Impunity

Using his expertise in administrative law, Bruno Fagali is determined to be a solution to the problem. Through his knowledge and qualification in ethics, compliance and regulatory law, Bruno is fighting corruption. He believes in upholding accountability and transparency. A nation can live on integrity and moral values.

The particular areas of interest for Bruno are in public funds. This section experiences a lot of challenges such as misappropriation of funds and embezzlement. Bruno is part of an initiative that is working diligently to end this deep-rooted culture. Eliminating corruption in public institutions is a demanding task. Bruno anticipates more people will join his cause.

Other Specialties

Bruno Fagali is not just a lawyer in courts and organization. He is also an integrity manager, working for an advertising company. He advises the organization on ethical practices, mainly because they receive business from government institutions. The advertising company also works closely with non-governmental organizations. Working with Bruno is an exciting experience because he has a lot to give the society. As he does his work, Bruno is keen to mentor budding professionals. He believes Brazil will become a great nation when young people are shown the right path to follow. When integrity and ethics prevail, the society and country will steadily move forward.

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Dr. Saad Saad is a leading surgeon that specializes in pediatric surgery. He has operated on thousands of young patients. It has always been his mission as a doctor and surgeon to serve his clients. He has always worked to create safer and more effective surgical practices to his patients. He works to improve the traditional methods of doing surgery and reinventing surgical practices. The surgeon loves a good challenge and has always ushered in challenges in his career. He has always worked to create painless methods for his patients. Though this is a tricky feat, he knew how much his patients would appreciate pain free ways of treatments. The doctor is the holder of two patents. His two patents cover his two inventions he created for surgical procedures.


Four a total of four decades, Dr. Saad Saad has operated on some of the most complex types of pediatric surgeries. He has served children in the United States and across the globe. He has completed medical missions to the Holy Lands and throughout Jerusalem. He went to the West Bank to operate on children with severe illnesses for free.


Dr. Saad Saad’s first patent is for his work with catheters. Catheters do many things and are tubes placed inside of the body. They treat specific medical conditions and ailments. They help with certain surgical procedures. Catheters give access to allowing medical professionals to drain fluids and be of use during surgery. Some caterers can be housed inside of the body for short and extensive amount of times. But sometimes catheters can be hard to position in the body. Dr. Saad Saad’s invention makes it safer and easer for caterers to be positioned inside of the body without heavy machinery like MRI machines.


The doctor’s second patent is for his invention to improve endoscopes. Endoscopes are used to help medial professionals see inside of a patient’s body during surgery. Endoscopes are commonly used to see inside of the windpipes, throat, colon, stomach and bladder. Thus, endoscopes are extremely important. Dr. Saad Saad makes it easier for a surgeon to get a visual picture of what is happening on the inside of a patient’s body. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087