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Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the Principal of real estate development firm JMH Development. He primarily focuses on developing luxury properties in the New York and Florida markets. In addition to residential construction, he also develops commercial properties. JMH Development is his family’s business and he took over management of the firm in 2010. One of the hallmarks of JMH Development is that they focus on the preservation of historic structures that have been restored through the means of adaptive reuse of existing materials and structure.

Among the $500 million in investments made in New York, during a recent project, Jason Halpern and JMH Development converted an existing warehouse into a luxury apartment complex with 340 units. The apartments, located on the North Brooklyn Waterfront, are called the Austin Nichols House. Each unit, from studios to three bedrooms, feature so exquisite touches as tobacco smoked oak flooring, high beamed loft ceilings, and amazing views of the city. The building also provides an around the clock doorman, concierges, a zen garden, a full catering kitchen, and a business center in addition to many other amenities. The building is listed on the National Historic Register. Halpern successfully sold the apartments to another group for $275 million.

Aloft and Jason Halpern

Another project that Halpern developed was the Aloft South Beach. During this project Halpern and his team restored the historic Motel Ankara and added a new eight-story tower to it. The new hotel features larger rooms than local competitors and is the first one opened in the area since 2009. The Aloft South Beach, just a block from the beach, also offers quick access to several art galleries and museums as well as the Miami Beach Convention Center. In addition to featuring luxury touches throughout the rooms, the hotel also features a space for live bands to play or for local artists to feature their work.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

The Townhouses of Cobble Hill residential development that Jason Halpern worked on has turned into a coveted place to live in the Brooklyn area. He created a structure that comprises nine high-end townhouses along one of the most desired streets in Brooklyn, Congress Street. Four of the townhouses were completely renovated and the other five are brand new.

Jason Halpern continues to develop properties in both New York and Florida, He visits the Miami area every few weeks in order to manage his existing projects or to spot new opportunities in the area. He enjoys building in Miami as he believes the area is virtually recession proof due to the fantastic setting that draws in new residents, tourism, coupled with a strong business environment.

Talos Energy, a Houston-based private oil and gas company, finds its fortunes in the Gulf of Mexico. Recently, the consortium led by Talos found a “world class” oil reserve in the Gulf of Mexico. The reports confirm that the reserve can produce up to 2bn barrels of oil. Talos confirmed that it is a “significant and historic discovery” and can produce the range of 1.4bn to 2bn barrels. According to Pablo Medina, an energy analyst, the field is one of the 20 largest deep-water field discovered in the last two decades. It should be noted that the latest discovery is after two years of the announcement of the Mexican government to open the country’s oil industry to the private players – solely ruled by the state-owned firm Pemex for 80 years.

The works on the oil well that is located 37 miles from the southern coast originally started on May 21. Talos named the well as Zama-1 and confirmed that it can make an excellent prospect for the company. It further revealed that well is in 546 feet of water and already reached the initial vertical depth of 11,000 feet. Talos and their partners are planning to drill the Zama to 14,000 feet to make the most of it. Since Talos holds 35% interest in the well per the consortium, it can add significant income and capacity expansion in the coming years.

“We think that the discovery gives what it required to deliver in terms of energy reforms: new participants, the new capital, and a spirit of ingenuity that ensures local jobs and revenue for the government of Mexico,” said the Chief Executive Officer of Talos, Tim Duncan. Currently, the consortium plans to start a drilling program by next year, and the companies are looking for options to tap the 122,000-acre exploration block most appropriately.

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The Swiss Startup Factory thrives on the leadership that it receives from Mike Baur, and the company has helped many companies go from the startup phase to a place that is much more profitable and prosperous. This article explains how Mike helps his clients, and it shows that he has their best interests at heart no matter what they are doing. Someone who wishes to use his services will find that their company as a whole is much better off for it.


#1: How Does Someone Run A Startup?


Mike will often start his clients by asking them how they plan to run their business. He wants to know what their plans are for the future, and he wants to hear about their vision. Someone who does not have a vision for the future will need assistance in this area, and others will be given advice about hiring. The company must be staffed properly, and Mike will help create a plan for the expansion of the company in the future.


#2: Financing


There are many different options for a company that needs financing, and they may request something from the Swiss Startup Factory that will help them pay for their projects going forward. They will welcome capitalists who have money to spend, and they will gain mentors who are happy to help them grow. These companies are hoping to be as efficient as possible, and they turn to Mike because they know that he knows how to manage financing for any firm.


#3: Governance


The board of directors of any company must be chosen with a bit of care, and someone who wishes to hire a board of directors will find that they have many options. The choices that they make will help the company grow, and they will bring people to their company that will offer them fresh ideas. These ideas will help broaden the company, and Mike is happy to mentor at any time that it is needed. He does not join the board of directors, but he does help guide its creation.


There are many companies that require help from an expert such as Mike Baur. He has done quite a lot of work in the business world, and he knows how to help a startup grow from the small firm that it was into something much better. Every service he offers helps his clients grow into legitimate businesses.

The CDC routinely runs an analysis of the statistics they receive in relation to disease control and preventative care. These studies have shown that many people end up dying from illnesses that could have been managed through early detection. Their studies have also shown how effective the methods used for preventative health care are in helping people receive the type of treatment they need to lead fuller lives. Taking a proactive approach to health is something that is starting to make sense to more people across the nation. The body requires a certain degree of maintenance just as a car would. If the warning signs on a car were left unheeded something more serious would eventually develop. The key to preventive care is to heed the warning signs and have the body checked for illness for more info: https://www.afa.org/memberbenefits/health/health-lifeline click here.

A Comprehensive Screening Facility

Life Line Screening is a facility dedicated to helping people maintain a state of good health. This facility offers the type of tests needed to determine at-risk conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. They also offer an electronic newsletter about available resources for health and wellness. Life Line Screening offers an educational program designed to encourage wellness in the workplace. This is often accomplished by engaging employees in active discussions about the benefits of early screening for chronic diseases.

The method of testing used by Life Line depends on the condition the person is concerned about. Testing requiring a blood sample is completed through a basic finger prick method. Blood panels could be used to determine a person’s risk for heart disease by providing the medical professionals with readings for cholesterol levels and lipid panels. A blood sample could also provide doctors with information about person’s sugar levels in regards to diabetes. These tests could provide early detection of hereditary conditions some individuals could be more prone to experiencing.

The other methods of testing used by Life Line Screening are ultrasound and electrocardiograph. Ultrasound testing could be used to locate blockages in the arteries for conditions such as carotid artery disease. An electrocardiograph could also be used to detect certain signs of heart disease.

Andrew Rolfe’s leadership of the Ubuntu Fund is an important part of growing this fund into something that will serve the public of South Africa. There are many kids who come to the Ubuntu Fund because they need better schools to attend, and these kids will be much more able to do something special in their lives. This article shows how Andrew Rolfe is leading the charity properly, and he is helping build donations for this fund in a new way.

#1: Andrew Rolfe Grows Donor Contributions

Andrew Rolfe is searching for new donors who will give their money without any limits at all. It is interesting to find that the Ubuntu Fund helps kids in schools and educational programs, and the kids who need a better place to learn will soak up an education that they deserve. Kids who are looking for better schools may go where Ubuntu Fund dollars are spent.

#2: Andrew Rolfe Serves Kids

Kids who are served by the Ubuntu Fund are given better experiences that will get them ready for the college. These children must learn trades and skills that help them prepare for the future, and it is important for a child to feel as though they have been given a chance at a future. The future of the children of South Africa is often in the hands of schools that do not serve them well, and the Ubuntu Fund pays for better schools.

#3: Searching For More Places To Help

Children must be served in a number of locations around South Africa because they are in schools that do not work for them. The child who is in a place that is not helped by the Ubuntu Fund will see the benefits of the charity when it arrives, and they may go to schools that are paid for by Andrew Rolfe and his organization.

Andrew Rolfe has done quite a few things to help the nation of South Africa improve education, and they are pushing for more donors every day. Andrew Rolfe has grown a charity that will help kids become leaders of tomorrow.


With the advent of staffing agencies, many companies are now able to outsource their hiring process, which reduces the workload for their human resources departments. The ability to delegate the tasks of recruiting and staffing qualified job candidates has grown in popularity; several agencies have opted to cater to niche markets as means of differentiating themselves from competitors. Learn more about Brian Torchin: https://twitter.com/hcrc_staffing

Brian Torchin is a proponent of operating in a niche market, as evidenced by HCRC, which is a leading full-service staffing and consulting firm for the health care and legal industry.


Brian Torchin identified the health care industry as a market niche that wasn’t being fulfilled by traditional staffing agencies. In 2007, HCRC was established to address an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals.

This niche staffing agency operates in all 50 states, as well as Europe, Asia, Canada, and Austrailia; HCRC provides staffing solutions in the areas of chiropractics, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and a bevy of other health care related roles. In addition, HCRC also provides staffing solution in the legal field; these roles include attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and much more.


HCRC boast an impressive turnaround time when it comes to recruiting and staffing for their clients; according to the company’s Linkedin profile, HCRC has the ability to find and place qualified candidates within 72 hours.

Brian believes that the longer an institution goes without necessary medical staff, the more money it loses; this belief serves as an impetus for the company’s decision to operate in a niche market. In fact, Consultants of America has ranked him the number one recruiter in the United States.


Prior to his success in staffing, Brian Torchin was a medical practitioner himself; after graduating from the University of Delaware, where he earned a degree in exercise science, he plied his trade in chiropractic medicine.

Brian Bonar experience as a practitioner within the health care industry, allows him to fully appreciate the sense of urgency that comes filling a vacant role with a qualified candidate. A company’s success, whether in law or the medical arena, requires having the right people in the right place at the right time.

After working in Wall Street for over two decades, Paul Mampilly signed on to Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 to start investment newsletter. Through his startup, Profits Unlimited, Paul focuses on helping average Americans to generate wealth from technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks. He was inspired to leave Wall Street after realizing that the entities products only benefited a limited number of people.

He ventured into newsletter publishing to ensure that people could access professional help on investing. The already successful venture undertakes vigorous research on stocks before recommending them to clients. He keeps track of all the stocks for purposes of acquiring new information concerning the stocks’ impact on the market. Paul relies on other experts’ opinions on his stock picks to get a clear understanding of the same before recommending such stocks to clients.

About Paul Mampilly
Initially, Paul Mampilly worked as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust on Wall Street. He rose through the ranks to serve renowned companies such as Deutsche Bank, Kinetics Asset Management and ING. While working for Kinetics, Mampilly helped the company’s hedge fund to enhance their assets to $25 billion, earning the company a title as world’s best hedge fund with annual average returns of 26 percent. Paul Mampilly also participated in the investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation where he emerged a winner after generating returns of 76 percent from a $50 million investment. Within a year, Profits Unlimited has generated over 40 percent in profits.

Paul is also the founder of Capuchin Consulting where he offers investment guidance to professional investors. The successful investor is also an accomplished author and analyst. He worked for Stansberry Research, Common Sense Publishing and Agora Financial where he rendered his services as an investment director. During his tenure at Agora Financial where he managed FDA Trader fund, he managed to generate over $6 million in sales. This way, the company the major investment source for investors in biotech. Paul Mampilly holds an MBA in finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business and a BBA in finance and accounting from Montclair State University. He also studied financial engineering and economics at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and the City University of New York, Hunter College respectively.

Every moment, someone is taking an interest in trading. One of the reasons that people are interested in trading is that there is promise to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time. The only thing is that it is rare for people to make a living off of trading. In order for people to actually make a living off of trading, they have to learn tons of information about the activity and the markets that they are interested in. More importantly, they have to make sure that they are learning from the right source. The wrong source could actually lead people wrong and have them lose their money.

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Cassio Audi in his early life was well renowned and professional musician. He was born and raised in Brazil. In the eighties, he was a drummer for Viper a Brazilian metal band and left the band in 1989. When he was with the band, he wrote one song in the album Soldiers of Sunrise, and he was featured twice on their albums. He contributed heavily for the spreading of the band in Latin America. Many heavy metal fans knew Cassio Audi due to his drumming expertise when he was with Viper.
Cassio Audi joined the band as a teenager and stayed with the Viper for nine years, and when he felt the time to be with the band was over, he left. Cassio is counted as a pillar of the band as he played a crucial role in the development of the band in its early years.
During one of the band performances, a band member caught a cloth on fire with a stick and dropped it on drums as Casio Audi was playing. He continued playing as if nothing had happened and casually hit the burning clothe with his drumstick. It is an event that is well featured on documentary known as 20 years living for the night.
Cassio Audi has featured on several recording of Viper including their first two albums and also in their demos. A Soldier of Sunrise is the last album that Cassio was featured as it was released one year before his departure from the band.
www.cassioaudi.com.br of the eighties that profoundly influenced Cassio like the rest of his band mates. He was praised together with his band mates when their debut album was released for their talent and the high degree of skill.
Cassio’s life has continued to prosper after leaving Viper, and he is one the best-known investment in Brazil.

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If you were to compare dog food based on looks, then Beneful brand foods would be a clear winner. But Beneful dog foods are more than just huge chunks of moist chicken and complimented with pieces of spinach, pumpkin, and blueberries, they are healthier for your pet too. Just watch how your dog not only can not wait until you place their food bowl on the floor, watch how they respond with unlimited energy after they eat.

That is a result of eating all-natural Beneful dog foods that are comprised of 23 essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your dog needs to thrive each day. Even though these meals are grain-free, taste is never compromised. Never will you find fillers in Beneful dog foods, and that is part of the reason your dog is so responsive to the food.

Take a look at the production process of Beneful dog foods at the US-based Purina dog food facilities. Here you see workers who are dog owners themselves, who not only do numerous quality inspection checks during the manufacturing process, they will only feed this brand to their own pets. Your dog is getting a healthier alternative that they will find irresistible no matter which flavor you choose.