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There’s a lot of interesting people out there who succeed doing the thing they love and pursuing the vision they have set. One of these people is Nick Vertucci whose real experience and real education come from actually doing things in real life instead of just sticking to books.

In his official website, Nick Vertucci’s able to show the people that the real estate training school he started has changed many lives, has given many opportunities of profit to so many people and have given the real estate agents today the leverage that they want to get ahead of the game.

The Academy

Being the CEO of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy has not been easy. With the locations of his school located all throughout the United States, Nick Vertucci is upending the current set-up of how real estate education is done and how it is transforming the way agents flip homes.

His school is also one of the fastest growing real estate schools today that can offer the most practical, and real-based strategies and profitable methods to land a deal in real estate. Indeed, it’s not a bad idea to study in a real estate school if you’re planning to go professional with your real estate business as did Nick. It is also obvious in the kind of modules and training from the school of Nick Vertucci that his passion for educating agents to be as successful as him can be seen in the way he teaches his lessons.

The Personal Background

The passion of Mr. Nick to offer the knowledge he has learned from being a real estate agent could have come from the fact that he grew up poor. He didn’t get the kind of leisure, prosperity and comfortable life that was given to the fortunate.

What he had was a single mother who barely could make ends meet. He also invested in assets that turned out problematic and had driven his assets down. It was only when he took to real estate selling that he was able to recover, and this is now the reason that drove him to make others experience the recovery that he’d been through.


Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings, and highly respected in his field. As a student at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, Glen focused on Economics and Finance. After he earned his bachelor’s degree, he earned his MBA at the University of Chicago.

Glen became a seasoned professional, as he cultivated a 20-year long career with GE following his graduate education. Mr. Wakeman has been immersed in the world of business management for decades, and spent time living in Asia, Europe, and South America honing his skills (Dailyforexreport). Glen was never afraid to start working at entry-level, and gradually progressing up the ladder as he learned the ropes.

LaunchPad Holdings was developed to provide a platform to mentor emerging young entrepreneurs. Glen was often fascinated with what made businesses fail, and what could be done to help mitigate risks that deter from business success. As a leader in the business world, Glen helped develop software to get emerging entrepreneurs on the right track (http://blogwebpedia.com/ceo-glen-wakeman-demands.html#.WgYyXbaZOqA).

Mr. Wakeman touts the foundation for business success as consisting of “Five Elements.” Business developers must be aware of concepts like leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. When an entrepreneur fully understands the gravity behind each concept, and implements them to further their goals, they are more likely to derive success.

Taking calculated risks is a huge part of being successful in business. But, even more importantly is the timing when risks are taken. If you are too far along in your career, some risks could prove devastating and debilitating. Glen is an advocate for taking risks at the earliest stages of a business, so that entrepreneurs can learn quickly how to make an expedient recovery, and learn from their mistakes for the future.

Staying curious, engaging in problem solving, and being ready to take risks has helped Glen enjoy much success. Glen continues to enjoy acting as an advocate for those in business, and loves bringing new ideas to life.


Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who has studied human behavior as they are being selfless. Many scientists believe that humans are hard-wired to be selfish, only considering their own survival, but Moll has found evidence that contradicts this. So the debate, nature vs. nurture, asks if the human species is fighting against their selfish nature and evolving to a more loving and giving species.

Petra Nemcova is a prime example of human evolution into a more giving species. Vacationing with her fiancé at the time, Simon Atlee, they were unfortunately caught in the deadly series of tsunamis caused by one of the strongest recorded earthquakes in history that wreaked havoc in Thailand on December 26th, 2004. Over 230,000 people lost their lives that day, including Simon Atlee. Petra Nemcova barely escaped with her life. She suffered a crushed pelvis that nearly left her paralyzed and a broken heart because she never saw the love of her life again. The nature argument would show that Petra would never return to the place where she lost so much. Petra, however, did return. She launched a foundation to help children whose lives were devastated by the natural disaster. In this instance, nurture won (Inspirery).

In 2006, Jorge Moll along with Jordan Grafman conducted a neurological study that observed people’s brain activity as they were presented with a scenario in which they could donate money to charity or keep the money for themselves. The results of their study showed that when people donate money to charity, the “rewards” area of the brain activates. Their results align with a study done in 1989 by economist James Andreoni. His theory was that giving to charity was a form of impure altruism, which is basically that people give because it makes themselves feel good, rather than giving because others need help. This explains why the “rewards” area of the brain activated in Moll’s and Grafman’s study when people donated to charity.

Jorge Moll is the founder of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. He earned his master’s degree in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University.


It is often said that two of the key characteristics of a successful person are consistency and persistence. If that is true then Perry Mandera, the founder of Custom Companies, Inc. A transportation company established in 1986 that is operated out of its headquarters in Northlake, IL (https://thebrotalk.com/technology/perry-mandera-changes-transportation/). One of the common denominators in Perry Mandera’s entire career and life work has been service to others which he has provided multitudes of over the years in many different capacities.

Mandera began his journey of service the way many young Americans do, he served in the military. Fresh out of a Chicago high school in 1975 he joined the United States Marine Corp. This is where he first began driving a truck and another sign of his consistency whereas he is still operating a transportation company that provides trucking services to many shippers throughout the world until this day.

Following his service in the Marine Corp he immediately went to work in the transportation industry when he rejoined the civilian workforce. Then in 1980 he opened his first business and operated it until 1985 before selling it. Still maintaining consistency, he began his own transportation company in 1986, Custom Companies, Inc. that continues to grow and thrive today.

Perry Mandera’s consistency and persistence does not stop at the entrepreneurial level. His service to others that began back in the Marine Corp as a young man has also continued and like his business, is still growing today. Throughout his life he has served in public office as a Committeeman for 4 years, becoming the youngest person of his time to hold that office seat.

Perry Mandera has always been a service first people first leader. He has received many awards and recognitions in the transportation industry including one of the top awards given to transportation executives by the Illinois Transportation Assoc. Despite all his success in the business world, if you ask Mr Mandera what has been most rewarding to him he will tell you it was the launch and ongoing efforts of Custom Cares Charities. An entire organization that he founded to dedicate its time, efforts and existence to providing needed services and giving back to the community.

Success, public service, community involvement and commitment. The consistency and persistence that Perry Mandera has displayed his entire life.


Heal N Soothe joint-pain supplement is revolutionizing the field with its advanced array of ingredients. It would be hard trying to find a more efficient pain reliever than this. One of the product’s best attributes is that it is organically made. This means that Heal N Soothe’s formula wasn’t created in some lab, which uses a bunch of chemicals. Heal N Soothe’s formula consists of natural-herbal ingredients. That’s right! You can receive all of the pain-relieving benefits of pharmaceutical-grade medications without experiencing any of the nasty side effects. This is a win-win situation for sure.

Heal N Soothe is made by Living Well Nutraceuticals, which is a company that possesses a stellar resume. Being able to combat inflammation is the key to success. This product has a different way of relieving pain. The majority of pain relievers in today’s market are loaded with chemical-fillers, and these chemical-fillers can cause harm with consistent use. Some of the issues that come along with the use of standard painkillers are vomiting, drowsiness, constipation, stomach pain, skin reactions and dizziness. Heal N Sooth doesn’t even come close to giving the user any of these side effects because it’s strictly organic. By being composed of such good, natural ingredients, the product can be used for an extended period of time. Ingredients such as Vitamin E, Ginger Extract, L-Glutathione, Rutin, Papain, Citrus Bio-Flavonoids, Bromelain and Boswellia works with your body to reduce inflammation.

Repairing the damage and regenerating the injured tissue is a great route that this product takes. If the issue isn’t resolved from the source, ongoing problems will occur. Heal N Soothe has laid the blueprint for success. For treating issues with soft tissue, the product provides a systemic-dose of proteolytic and systemic enzymes, which treats both soft-tissue damage and inflammation.

For More info: www.healandsoothe.com/

Glen Wakeman has been known around the world for his ineffable ability to not only lead but mentor those in the ways of business. The current Cheif Executive Officer, or CEO, of the Launchpad Holdings LLC he has decades of experience assisting those with ideas on how to develop the foundations of their businesses.

Revered for his entrepreneurial spirit Glen Wakeman has provided guided for numerous startup companies. His current corporation Launchpad holding LLC was founded in 2015. Wakeman graduated with a Masters in Business Administration as well as a Bachelors of Science in Economics. Wakeman started his career at General Electric Capital and became the founder of Nova Four.

Glen Wakeman is perhaps best known for his ideas exposed in his controversial 5 steps performance methodology. It has a track record of being proven at this point and is no longer in contention within the industry. These ideas focus on risk management, human capital, leadership and executive control in the business. Very few investors and businessmen have the reputation that Wakeman has built for himself over the years.

The Launchpad Holdings Company became a reality when Glen realized he loved finding a match between ideas and money, Believing that many good ideas are developed in startups who lack the liquid capital to execute them as well as lack of structure to build the ideas upon. With his wealth of experience in this arena, he recognized an opportunity when he saw it.

(Glenwakeman) believes that the perfect day begins with a review of the previous day’s achievements and that is found in the numbers. Followed up by taking conference calls with business partners. This is all to help develop trust as it is in Mr. Wakeman’s opinion that productivity lies in the absence of backtracking something only found in an area of trust.

Glen thinks that if he were to start his career over the thing he would change that would benefit him the most is keeping better track of his friends and everyone he met. As an entrepreneur, it is often more about the connections you have made when it comes down to whether or not your idea will get the funding it needs or not. Your connections are what define your success in the world of business.


Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel in 1952. He is the eldest chlld of Hillel Milstein who immigrated from Argentina in 1948 upon the founding of the modern state of Israel. Mr. Milstein served with the Israel Defense Forces during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and served under General Ariel Sharon on the Egyptian front. Adam Milstein moved to the United States with his wife and family in 1981 and worked to earn his Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California, receiving his MBA degree in 1983. Read more at Huffington Post about Adam Milstein.

An active and vocal participant regarding the rights of the Jewish people worldwide, Adam Milstein is the co-founder and National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, generous philanthropist and President of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Some of Mr. Milstein’s thoughts and opinions may be found on the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) website [see: www.jns.org]. One example is the recently posted article: “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide.” Follow Adam Milstein on linkedin.com.

In this article, Adam Milstein rightfully points out that radical Muslims are activley attempting to delegitimize Israel. Unfortunately, in recent times an unlikely alliance has formed between radical Muslims and those on the radical left in both the United States and Europe. On the surface, this seems to be an oxymoron. Women on the extreme left in the U.S. and Europe speak and act out in regards to women’s rights to fair wages, a voice in politics and decent treatment in the workplace and at home by the men in their lives. Yet, in radical Islam one finds the utter denial of women’s rights, a demeaning place in society, and utter brutalization by Muslim men in all facets of their lives.

This view is a distorted one in which Israel is viewed as a colonialist oppressor of all Muslims, and, by extension, human rights themselves. Fortunately, reasoned voices like Mr. Milstein’s are being raised to clear away this deception which is a danger not only to the Jewish people worldwide, but also to the fundamental ideas of tolerance, democracy and freedom for all peoples.

Check: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=22301067&privcapId=22300933&previousCapId=22300933&previousTitle=Hager%2520Pacific%2520Properties

Southridge Capital LLC was created in 1996 by current Chief Executive Officer Steven Hicks to provide clients with individualized financial services that best suit the client’s needs. With over 25 years of experience Mr. Hicks and his team offer clients a wide range of services and their goal is to create relationships that are long-term and provide the best financial solutions that are mutually beneficial. To date Southridge Capital LLC has been successful in investing $1.8 billion globally and with their diverse knowledge are able to provide clients with many financial services that include Fund Management, Investment Banking, and Merchant Banking to name a few (https://www.facebook.com/pg/Southridge-Capital-118716878160402/about/?ref=page_internal). Southridge best serves its clients by utilizing a three tier plan that includes:


  • Securitization- Many times when companies are looking for capital they do not explore all their options. By using the services provided by Southridge clients are given advice on how to monetize the company’s existing assets base, how to procure loans using insider shares as collateral, and how to best utilize the company’s assets (http://www.southridge.com/our-services).


  • Credit Enhancing- Southridge works with companies to enhance their creditworthiness by negotiating with creditors to help eliminate the company’s debt in favor of common stock. By utilizing a company’s existing level of liquid stock, Southbridge is able to structure a financial plan that will present as little impact on the market as possible (http://www.southridge.com/our-services).


  • Financing Solutions- With their experienced staff Southbridge is able to provide resolutions to many fiscal issues by customizing solutions that are individually tailored to each client’s needs. Southbridge utilizes many avenues to help company’s and include loans against common stock, convertible debentures, convertible preferred stock, and an Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) that will help a company raise capital anytime they need to regardless of market conditions (http://www.southridge.com/our-services.


In addition to services geared to help companies raise capital and become successful, Southridge also strongly believes in social responsibility through philanthropy (http://www.southridge.com/social-responsibility). Southbridge believes that social responsibility helps strengthen their company and encourages volunteer work, community leadership and giving (http://www.southridge.com/social-responsibility). In 1998 the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Southbridge, Steven Hicks, along with his wife Mary Hicks created the Daystar Foundation which helps to support many charitable organizations (http://www.southridge.com/social-responsibility). Through charitable giving that includes their time and financial resources, Steven and Mary Hicks are able to positively affect the community and help to better the lives of people within the community (http://www.southridge.com/social-responsibility).


Southbridge Capital LLC., is a company that is not only interested in helping company’s become stronger financially through a variety of investment strategies, but they also want to make sure the community is also strong through their active role in charity and philanthropy. By creating a stronger community Southbridge is able to also become a stronger company, and in turn assist struggling companies become fiscally sound. You can visit citybizlist for more details.


See more: https://www.scribd.com/document/124012893/Meet-the-Manager-of-SouthRidge-Capital

Rejuvenation biotechnologies is a new area of medicine that seeks to provide people with eternal life. The goal isn’t just finding a way for people to live much longer, though. It’s also about people living healthier lives free of diseases. As people age they are prone to age-related diseases which companies in this field of medicine are seeking to halt from happening. One company in this industry is the SENS Foundation.

A number of years ago Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope learned about the SENS Foundation and their mission. He was inspired by what they wanted to accomplish. He ended up making a half-million contribution to this nonprofit so that they could build a new lab they needed to further their research. This was in 2010 and he subsequently gave over $1 million since that time. He says he is gratified to be able to help financially support anti-aging research and follows developments at the SENS Foundation closely.

Jason Hope was one of the early entrepreneurs in the mobile technology industry. He now invests in startups in the broader tech industry. He says he has a portfolio of companies he has invested in including search engine optimization firms, interactive software, digital media solutions, and business information systems. He says the future will rely on technology even more than it does today and the industry can only grow from here.

After he graduated from ASU with a degree in finance and then an MBA, he says that he knew he was going to need to do something business related. He established his first company in January 2004 when the mobile technology industry was in its infancy. Jason Hope has said that he was profitable early on although he had setbacks, just like any entrepreneur. He says having a healthy sense of doubt about your business’ success is good because it makes you try harder and anticipate issues. Its all about how you handle failure and successfully meet challenges that determines whether your company will fail or thrive.

Over the past year Jason Hope has extended the breadth of his writing. He has been writing about technology for a number of years but this was mostly on blogs. He is now reaching a larger audience so that people know what’s coming down the pike in the field of technology. He says he has scaled back some of his other work so that he has more time to write and perform research.

To know more click: here.

Susan McGalla happens to be one of the most prominent women in the United States. Not only has she managed to make a name for herself but she has managed to rise to top positions for the organizations that she has worked with. She believes that women who rise to top positions within management should play an important role in assisting other women who are less fortunate. The confidence she acquired as a young child has helped her become a force to be reckoned with in a field that was perceived as a male field in the past. She credits this to being brought up by a strict father who was a football coach. Her father taught her from the onset of life that she had to work hard to make in life. Susan McGalla was also brought up alongside two brothers who played a crucial role in shaping her destiny. American Eagle Outfitters is the first organization that Susan McGalla had an opportunity of working with. However, she joined the company at a junior level and rose to top management. This happened despite the fact that the board of management of American Eagle Outfitters was dominated by men. By the time she left the company, she had risen to become the president of the company.

She left American Eagle Outfitters to establish her own company known as P3 Executive Consulting. This has not prevented her from holding other positions with established companies such as Pittsburgh Steelers. At this company, she in charge of Business Strategy and Creative Development department as a vice president. This is another field that has been dominated by men. She says that she started working with this company because it gave her a chance of doing what she loves and growing as a person. Susan McGalla says that she appreciates the fact that not all women are finding the opportunities that are available.

Susan McGalla was born on 31st May 1964 in East Liverpool, Ohio. She attended Mount Union College, and the education she received in this institution has played an important role in shaping her destiny. She has also worked with Joseph Horne Company and West Seal Inc.